Sunday Mornings

9:30am-10:20am in Student Lounge

The Gospel Project for Students

- A Three-Year Journey through Scripture: Students chronologically examine all Scripture through a Christ-centered lens.
- 99 Essential Christian Doctrines: Highlights essential doctrines of the Christian faith every student should know.
- Christ Connection: Each session shows students how all Scripture points to Christ.
- Apologetics: Students will not only understand what they believe, but why.
- Head, Heart, Hands: Helps students to see how the gospel transforms the way they think, feel, and live every day.
- Interactive Questions: Engages students to think through the session material and how it challenges them today.
- Daily Discipleship Material: Provides five days of discipleship content each week to help students cultivate a habit of personal Bible study.

Wednesday Nights

Connecting with God

Connecting with God through worship, games, fellowship, and a variety of topics; backed up by God's Word. This is our student ministries main entry point into our discipleship process. Regular comers & especially new comers are all encouraged to come for a fun filled, faith sparking night! MS starts at 6PM. HS starts at 6:45PM.

During our pandemic response, please refer to our social media & remind 101 for all services!
It's so important to have a strategy for what you will teach your students. Without a strategy, we run the risk of missing important ideas, teaching only the topics that personally interest us most, and ultimately failing to give our students a full and holistic view of God. That's why we use Grow Curriculum for Wednesday Nights. Within the Grow scope and sequence, each year we will cover friendship, identity, wisdom, others, Christmas, spirtual habits, Easter, Jesus, family, justice, and evanglism. Everyother year we will cover authority, hurt and pain, and doubt. 

Current Wednesday Night Series

SERIES OVERVIEW: Mark demonstrates that Jesus is Israel's messiah who inaugurates God’s kingdom through his suffering, death, and resurrection. The book is a carefully crafted story that gives an account of Jesus' life and addresses the question of whether or not He is the Jewish Messiah. Jesus is our suffering servant! In this series, we are going to take our time slowly reading through the Gospel of Mark learning how to dissect scripture and rest in God's Word going into the 2021-2022 school year.

Covenant Groups

Connecting with Others

These are for students who want to deepen their faith and walk with Jesus Christ; a three student to one leader ratio for deep relationships and authentic discussions. Groups are able to meet at any point during the week as long as they meet once a week. The curriculum taught is called Disciple 6, a six year discipleship strategy that is designed to mold teenagers into authentic disciples. If you would like to sign your student up, please contact Dayton. 

Camps & Missions

Connecting Others with God

This is the third stop in our discpleship process where we try to leverage different events as well as a missional lifestyle toward getting others connected with God. For Student Life Camp, it's all about going somewhere the students don't often get to go to like the beach or the mountains; getting them away from their regular setting here in the big country and out of their norm. It' a week that is about small group Bible study, engaging worship, and activities built around connecting with God. God's Word remains center stage and the good news of Jesus is clearly presented. It's a easy hook for our students to be able to say to a friend, "Hey you do want to go to the beach or mountains with us??" And if they say yes, there is a good chance that Jesus will then have them for eternity!

As far as missions, we LOVE being the hands and feet of Jesus! 
We have a number of community mission projects done through our Covenant Groups during the year, summer mission activities are availvable for all our students as well as domestic & international trips to do the work that Jesus has called us to do and put our faith into work. Students are required to be an active member in a Covenant Group to be able to attend any of our domestic or international trips.

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Meet the team.

Dayton Ferguson 

The Student Pastor
Dayton has been Student Pastor for FBC Buffalo Gap since 2014. He loves Mexican food, throwing dodge balls at students, telling them about Jesus, and beating them playing Xbox.  

Adrian Ferguson 

The Nurse
Adrian has been on the team without a choice since 2014! Adrian loves hanging out with her Covenant Group and learning all the new lingo like, YEET.

Angela Burson 

The Teacher
Enjoys planning & organizing games despite that some have resulted in ice packs. Claims Cookie Monster as her spirit animal. Enjoys side hugs and always answers when referred to as Mom.

James Cummings

The Warden
James has been on the team since 2016. Despite his advanced age, feels as though he is the undisputed 1 on 1 youth basketball champion, sprint champion, and likes to use outdated words like thug life out of context. 

Tiffany Deems

The Cowgirl
She has been attending FBC since Feb. 2020.  She has been volunteering with the worship team and with middle and high school.  She loves kids and animals but most of all she loves Jesus!

Lisa Million

Million $ Momma
Wife, mother, knower of many many things, and lover of Jesus. She has a million dollar smile, millions of hugs and high fives to give, millions of tidbits of advice to pass out freely, and always a laugh to go with it. She’s super cool like that. She’s one in a million.

Johnny Parker

The Worship Guy 
He loves big foot, the Cowboys, singing to Jesus and leading the students in song, and you wouldn't catch him dead with skinny jeans on, because he's a man.

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