Covenant Group Missions
Most of our local community mission projects are done through our Covenant Groups!
If you are not a part of one of our Student Ministry Covenant Groups and want to be, ask Dayton for more info!

In order to attend our summer mission trip,
a student must be a part of one of our covenant groups
before the mission trip deposit deadline for that year.

New Orleans, LA (HS & MS)

WHEN? July 9th-11th 2020
COST? $300

  • World Changers partner with Volunteers of America and local church planters, giving groups the option to choose what type of ministry site they wish to serve on: construction or church planting
  • There are approximately 913,000 people living in the metro New Orleans area

  • 45.6% of the population is unaffiliated with any religious body, and only 11.6% is affiliated with an evangelical church

  • Catholicism strongly influences the New Orleans culture, as does voodoo

  • As participants serve and share the gospel with local residents, World Changers' goal is to connect them back to local churches in the area


Particpant Form

Parent Packet

Mission Trip Guidlines
  • Middle School Domestic Mission trips are desgined for students who have completed grades 6-8.
  • High School Mission Trips are desgiend for students who have completed grades 9-12.
  • Students must be active in a Covenant Group to be able to attend any one of our Domestic or International Missions Trips.
  • Every student participating in the trip must write out their personal testimony on a word document and email that document to Dayton by the due date. This is for us as a Student Ministry to be assured that the students going on the trip are in fact regenerate members of the Student Ministry and will be able to speak out their testimony if need and led by the Spirit during the trip.