Covenant Group Missions

Most of our local community mission projects are done through our Covenant Groups once a month.
If you are not a part of one of our Student Ministry Covenant Groups and want to be, ask Dayton for more info!

In order to attend our summer  church wide mission trip without a parent, a student must be a part of one of our covenant groups before the mission trip deposit deadline for that year.

Grace Works Alaska Church Mission Partnership

Are church family has dug it's heals into a partnership with the para-church ministry of Grace Works Alaska! We've already had several trips to Alaska beginning the summer of 2021.
One of the trips our church family attends is the summer Grace Works Trip. This is a trip where either a teenager wanting to get a taste of taking Jesus to the nations wants to get more involved or a whole family! We would love for your teenager and or family to attend one of our Grace Works summer trips.
Hear it right from Grace Works themselves...
"Did you know that Alaska is the least church-attending state in the US? People think of
Alaska as a tourist destination, but there is a giant need for the Good News of Jesus here!
Partnering with local churches here, we facilitate mission volunteers and church teams
working direct with non-churched children, youth and adults in local public parks --
feeding meals to the hungry, backyard Bible school, recreation, games and crafts. You
are able to help people in need.  Most of the neighborhoods we serve are amazingly multi-ethnic. Three out of the top five most diverse communities in America are in Anchorage, Alaska and we serve in all three. Our goal is nothing less than a multiplying, church planting Jesus Movement here in Alaska. We are committed to partnering with others in church planting, evangelism and discipleship.  Our housing is clean and comfortable and safe. Our food is the best! And you will have time to see the beauty of Alaska while you are here!

WE LIVE HERE in Alaska and know Alaska. We have been doing this for 15 years! We are not a BIG organization that is scattered all over the world. We are focused only on Alaska. Our passion is reaching OUR state with the Gospel Good news. We host far more volunteers than any other mission organization and understand best what the needs are and what works best. Each of our ministry locations is partnered year-round with a nearby, local Alaskan church in order to help facilitate year-round follow-up.  Our two biggest compliments are that we are SO WELL ORGANIZED and the food is the BEST EVER on a mission trip! Mission Teams, families and individuals keep coming back again and again because they trust us, we exceed expectations, they enjoy the best food ever on a mission trip, and do significant ministry with people.

Our belief is that the Great Commission is not for the World to go to church, but for the Church to go to the World.
Where are people at, and how can we go to them, serve them in the Name of Christ, and look for opportunities to
have a verbal witness?  At lunch, you'll feed hungry, disadvantaged kids a meal. In the afternoons, you will work in
local parks teaching Bible and playing games and recreating with under-served children and youth. In the evenings
you will help host neighborhood park parties."

Info Packet available upon request

Community Mission Week 

During the summer we also have a Student Ministry Community Mission Week where we set up some mission projects within our own community to serve like we are called to. This is a time where any and all students may come serve along with us. Our community mission week for 2023 is from June 11th - 15h. Take a look at our June newsletter for more info! (Available June 1st)