Calling all men!

What is Fight Club?

Fight Club, a 10 week discipleship program based on Nehemiah 4:14...calling men to fight for their brothers, their sons, their daughters, their wives, and fight for their community.  
Men are split up into small squads that perform challenges each week in 4 key areas: spiritual, physical, relational, and intellectual.  Interaction is done both electronically and at three in-person events during the 10 weeks, starting with the kickoff event.

Kickoff event

Friday, march 4th, 2022
at Refuge Range
@ 10pm

Refuge ranch address - 3933 FM 89 Tuscola, Tx 79562

Feel free to bring friends, any man out of high school age 18 to 80 plus is eligible.  Wear comfortable clothes as you’ll be moving around, having some fun, and learning what Fight Club is all about.  Towards the end of the kickoff you’ll decide if you are committing for the 10 weeks or are passing with honor intact.  


Why kickoff at 10pm?  That’s weird.
This time slot is by design.  Most excuses of “I’m busy” melt away at 10pm and allows more men to attend.  Also, most guys need to be rocked out of normal routines.  Take a nap earlier in the day if need be, you can do it.

Why do Fight Club (FC4:14)?
You don’t have to look very far in our culture to see the symptoms of weak, ineffectual men.  Unhealthy masculinity, fatherlessness, chasing idols of worldly success, and downright apathy in men seem to be everywhere. Other guys may be getting some things right, but need an extra push to get going in areas of their spiritual walk.  Men need challenge and competition to reach their full potential.  Fight club is a platform to start addressing these needs.

Men of all ages also have talents and wisdom they need to share with other guys, and we have to grow in our walk with God together.  A man activated for God’s kingdom work in his life will positively impact not only himself, but his family, work, church, and community.

What will I be doing?
You’ll be challenged weekly to perform tasks that grow you spiritually, relationally, physically, and intellectually.  Part of the fun is revealing these challenges over time.  Some will be easier and harder based on the man, but all will be focused on action and growing you.

Am I too old or too young for this?  What age groups do FC4:14?
It is the intent of this program to reach inter generationally, so we need men of all ages 18+ to participate.  You must be age 18 and out of high school to be in Fight Club. And, you're not too old!

What’s the commitment?
Come to the kickoff to get all the details for FC4:14.  At the end of the kickoff, guys will decide if they are in for the full 10 weeks, or bow out with honor intact.  There are three meetings: a kickoff, mid chapter meet up, and graduation.  Each will be action packed and appeal directly to guys.  Many of the weekly challenges will be done on your own or with squad mates. Weekly, some squads may choose to meet up either in person, digitally, or some combination of the two.  

Will I actually be fighting people?
No.  And you are certainly encouraged to talk about Fight Club. :)  We are fighting for the spiritual lives of our brothers, sons, daughters, wives, and homes.  You will be challenging yourself physically, relationally, intellectually, and spiritually, right alongside a group of other like-minded guys.

What does it cost?
There is no cost for attending and enjoying the kick-off event, but there will be a small charge of $30 to sign up if you commit.  This is by design to make sure each man has skin in the game and covers cost of the program and graduation.

Subscription List

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